Ghostface Killah blasts modern rappers for lacking storytelling skills


Ghostface wants to see rappers to bring back storytelling

is frustrated with how rappers of today fail to incorporate the art of storytelling in their raps. Recently speaking to the Rolling Stone, Killa reflected on how the art flourished back in the day.

“I don't hear n-ggas doing storytelling no more, man,” Killa explained. “There might be . You might still got [Slick] Rick out there doing it … , []. A lot of stuff be regular darts, regular raps. Everything with this new generation is about clubs.”

He added, “A lot of pussy getting thrown around and shit. It ain't like with . Even when Lil' Kim did it, she was gangsta with it. She was a rapper's rapper. … But the Lauryn Hills of this shit [are] gone. Even the Foxys and shit like that, like a lag came over it. But all this other ‘lick my ass,' ‘my butthole brown' shit, it's like … it's too much.”

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