B.G.’s lawyer files motion to stop rapper from having to submit lyrics for checking before release


B.G.'s attorney wants him to have creative freedom

's legal team has filed a motion asking the judge to let the rapper release without having to submit lyrics to the probation officer before releasing, according to The Guardian.

“As to the Government's request for Mr. Dorsey [referring to the rapper's real name, Christopher Dorsey] to provide U.S. Probation (and the government) with lyrics ‘for any song that he may write, in whole or in part, while on supervised release,' it is respectfully submitted that this request is overly broad and violates the First Amendment and due process,” the filing reads.

“Besides Mr. Dorsey, are there any other music artists on supervised release in this District or throughout the United States being required to submit all of their song lyrics to U.S. Probation and the Government? Significantly, Mr. Dorsey's song lyrics have not resulted in any criminal activity. It is respectfully submitted that blaming someone's music for violence is like blaming Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone for violent crimes because of their movies,” the motion continues.

“Furthermore, evaluating lyrics for alleged supervised release violations would result in arbitrary, vague and subjective enforcement. Accordingly, the proposed condition as it relates to the submission of lyrics/mental impressions should not be adopted by this Honorable Court.”

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