Kid Cudi has more Complex Magazine covers than any other artist

Kid Cudi and Nigo for Complex

Everyone knows Kid Cudi is no stranger to Complex, but did you know the Cleveland rapper has more cover placements on the magazine than any other artist? Last week sat down with Complex Magazine, along with famous clothing designer NIGO. Practically everyone around the globe has been influenced by Kid Cudi and BAPE’s founder, NIGO. In the interview with Complex, the two icons link for the cover story, delivering a 20 plus minute video interview. Cudi and NIGO discuss personal experiences, streetwear in , early years of their careers, the importance of ’s Louis Vuitton meeting, and more.

Following the interview Kid Cudi took to Twitter to express his own disbelief of still having the most Complex covers after so many years. See some of his most memorable covers below

Kid Cudi Complex cover
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