Dame Dash recalls almost trying out rapping when Roc-A-Fella was in jeopardy


Dame wasn't sure if Roc would work out

is the co-founder of 's iconic label , and he's been present through the ups & downs of the company. During a recent sit-down on Moguls In The Making podcast, Dame remembered a time when he almost started rapping had the label not popped the way it did.

“In that moment, was in trouble and if that ‘Big Pimpin” didn't work, I was gon' start rapping,” he explained. “[I don't got bars, but] I would have just did it for the company.”

Further in the interview, Dame claimed Hov was trying to fit in his shoes when he made “Big Pimpin'.” “Everything Jay said, he was pretending to be me,” Dame said.

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