Mr. Magic’s Disco Showcase on WHBI 105.9 FM was the first hip-hop radio show

In 1979, John “Mr. Magic” Rivas, a member of the Juice Crew from the Queensbridge housing mission in Queens, N.Y., launched the show Disco Showcase on WHBI 105.9 FM. in New York City, which became the first hip-hop show on commercial radio. Mr. Magic’s Disco Showcase was a two-hour program which started at 2am and John “Mr. Magic” Rivas was paid $75 an hour for the airtime.

Mr. Magic’s Disco Showcase eventually moved to WBLS in May 1982 and was rebranded as Rap Attack. Marley Marl was his Mr. Magic’s DJ and partner till Mr. Magic left the station in 1989. Whodini paid tribute to John “Mr. Magic” Rivas with “Magic’s Wand.”