Rappers Rapp Records was the first West Coast rap label

In 1981, Duffy Hooks III and Jerry Hooks Sr. launched the first West Coast rap label, Rappers Rapp Records. Rappers Rapp Records was founded in Los Angeles, CA. The Gigolo Rap by Disco DaddyCaptain Rapp (Capt. Rapp) was the record label’s first release in 1981.

Shortly after The Gigolo Rap, the first west coast rap song was released, Rappers Rapp Records signed The Rappers Rapp Group, an L.A. rap group with rappers DJ Flash, MC Fosty, Lovin C, King MC, Macker-Moe, and Mr Ice. The Rappers Rapp Group released their first single, “Rappers Rapp Theme” in 1982, which would also make them the first West Coast Rap Group. A year later, the group changed their name to Dark Star and they released the first West Coast Rap EP Sexy Baby on AVI Records.

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