Redman was 14 when he first smoked weed, he was hunting and got too high to shoot a rabbit in front of his gun


During an interview on The Smoke Box with B-Real, Redman revealed details about the first time he smoked weed.

“My first joint was when I was 14.. With my uncles, I went hunting. I was hunting in Alabama and my two uncles, Uncle Al and Uncle Will… took me hunting and they let me hit the joint and shit, cause I always love that smell and shit, for some reason I love that bud smell back in the day, I used to be like what is that, my nose was so interesting back when I was young… They let me hit that bitch and when they let me hit the blunt that’s when actually a rabbit ran out in front of me. I got high for the first time, I tried to poke it and that was it, that’s my little story.”

Watch the video from 4:00

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