Soulja Boy is selling Dish Soap & cleaning up amidst Coronavirus pandemic


Soulja Boy has always been on his hustle. In 2018, he announced his own video game consoles, the SouljaGames, which never released.

During his recent interview on The Breakfast Club, announced his latest venture — selling dishwashing soap. “I just want to do different stuff, like, try different things, try different business ventures,” he told The Breakfast Club co-host 

Soulja Boy's franchise soap company is called the Soap Shop, they offer strawberry, coconut, and pomegranate-scented detergent and he's invested in Southaven, Mississippi location with his manager CEO Miami Mike.

“I got dish detergent. Everybody need soap.” Soulja added.

In the middle of the pandemic () happening, people are currently stocking up on house supplies to stay clean; soaps, disinfectant sprays & products, or anything that kills germs and viruses. According to TMZ, Soulja Boy's franchise soap company has reportedly tripled its since the Coronavirus pandemic, they are seeing a 30% increase in sales in the last two months. Soap Shop went from selling 100 bottles a month to over 3,000 recently.

Consumers aren't able to buy directly from the company's website, but you can come into the store. The specific Southaven location will donate a portion of its proceeds to a charity called Bubbles for Cash.

On his next entertainment moves Soulja Boy said, “In , I want to give my fans the best work I can give them. The best , the best visuals, the best shows. 2020 is the year I just want to give back to my fans.”

Watch Soulja Boy's Breakfast Club interview from 17:00 to hear more of his soap business.

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