The Weeknd Releases new Album, ‘After Hours’

The Weeknd Releases new Album, 'After Hours'

The Weeknd‘s rollout for After Hours album has already broken Apple Music records. Having over a million pre-saves, Abel has broken a record previously owned by Billie Eilish.

Thus far, “Heartless,” “Blinding Lights,” and “After Hours” has been the lead-up singles to the anticipated album. All three singles bring different elements out of The Weeknd.

With times being quite difficult, due to the Coronavirus, new music feels of the essence. This weekend and beyond, XO fans and casual listeners get the opportunity to escape into his world.

Check out the album below.

1. “Alone Again”
2. “Too Late”
3. “Hardest to Love”
4. “Scared to Live”
5. “Snowchild”
6. “Escape from L.A.”
7. “Heartless”
8. “Faith”
9. “Blinding Lights”
10. “In Your Eyes”
11. “Save Your Tears”
12. “Repeat After Me (Interlude)”
13. “After Hours”
14. “Until I Bleed Out”

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Update: The Weeknd has now released the deluxe edition of After Hours, featuring five new tracks, featuring: Lil Uzi Vert, Chromatics, Johnny Jewel, Daheala, The Blaze and OPN.