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Master P visited Suge Knight in prison to negotiate Snoop Dogg’s release from Death Row


During the days of being signed to Records, was known as Suge Knight and everyone was scared of him, but not who took an interest in Snoop Dogg's and visited Suge Knight in prison to negotiate Snoop Dogg's release from Death Row. Both Suge and Master P came to a figure and their deal released Snoop from his Death Row duties. Snoop Dogg would later sign to Master P's Records.

According to Snoop Dogg, during his come-up neither the east Diddy (Bad Boy) or the west, Suge Knight (Death Row) were making money like the south Master P. (No Limit).

“He brought money to the industry. Rappers wasn't getting money mane… Everybody on No Limit had a car, house, two guns and a bank account.” Snoop says about Master P.

Snoop later reveal Master P visited Suge Knight in prison to strike a deal which released Snoop from his record contract with Death Row Records.

“Master P went to go visit Suge Knight in the penitentiary and struck a deal because everybody else was scared of that nigga… That's when Suge Knight was the monster. The boogie man. P went to go see him, struck a deal, paid him, pay me. Got my publishing back..” Snoop says

Watch Snoop Dogg explain below.

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You can also watch Master P talk about it here:

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