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Chance The Rapper made “Cocoa Butter Kisses” on mushrooms


who is featured on the song was also on shrooms.

Chance the Rapper and his fellow SAVEMONEY member Vic Mensa, were on mushrooms while working on 's third cut “Cocoa Butter Kisses.” The experimental project, Acid was released on April 30th, 2013 and as the title and cover art suggests, it was a trippy album which detailed Chance's drug us, he even references using mushrooms on the Acid Rap song titled “NaNa.”

“Cocoa Butter Kisses” co-producer Cam O'bi revealed the process during a 2017 interview with DJBooth:

“Vic [Mensa] orchestrated that song actually. [Him and Chance] wrote that song before I even met them, they wrote it while they were on mushrooms. They did a voice memo recording of it originally to a totally different beat. It was called ‘Babies and Gun Shots (Fuck Hawaii).‘ It had a meaning to it that they would have to explain to you. Like I said, they were tripping on mushrooms.”

Vic Mensa also confirmed this in a 2018 interview with Complex saying;

“Chance came through one day and he showed me this verse and hook he wrote earlier. Then I did mushrooms for the first time at that point and I didn't know what would happen,” he said. “I started to write and felt the mushrooms and I was floating. I felt like I was in-between dimensions when I was recording.”

Chance tweeted about eating shrooms a month prior to Acid Rap's release:

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