What does “Skrrt” mean?

Maybe you have heard a rapper say “Skrrt” or “Skrt!” Or heard a background ad-lib, “skrrrrt skrrrt.” or “Skr” But what exactly is that word/sound and what does it mean?

The term “skrrt” is a word that represents the sound of wheels when you drift or turn abruptly in a vehicle. The “skrrt” term can also be used as a slang word to express excitement and humor. It has also been known as describing the ‘curving’ or ‘skrrting’ in avoiding a girl or a situation. Such as “that girl wanna smash I said Skrt!” As if you are intentionally avoiding hanging with a girl and instead abruptly turned away from her direction.

The term “Skrrt” has been used by Kodak Black, 21 Savage, Travis Scott, Joe Trufant, Tory Lanez, Young Thug, Quavo, Lil Wayne and many more rappers.

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