What does “Lick” and “Hit a Lick” mean?

What does it mean to “Hit a Lick”? and What is a “Lick”?

The slang terms “Lick” and “Hit-a-Lick” are verbs but a “Lick” can also be noun. Scarface was the first rapper to use “Lick” on a song with his 1991 song Good Girl Gone Bad, when he rapped “If it came through, we hit a big lick”. Roddy Ricch recently re-popularized “Hit-a-lick” with his 2019 hit The Box. “I just hit a lick with the box”.

A “Lick” refers to when people come up on a lot of money very quickly. A “Lick” can also be someone who is easy to rob. (E.G. “he’s a walking lick”)

“Hit a Lick” means to get a lot of money very quickly. Usually illegally by robbing and stealing all in a short amount of time.

Robbing someone, coming up stealing, or hitting the jackpot gambling would known as “hitting a lick”.

The term “Lick” and “Hit-a-Lick” has been used by Gucci Mane, YG, Lud Foe, Roddy Ricch, J. Cole, Yo Gotti, Lil Yachty and many more rappers.

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