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Island Vibes Haiti – 5 rappers with Haitian lineage


January 1st is just New Year's Day- but in Haiti, it's also Haitian Independence Day. The world of has several artists with Haitian lineage, from rapper Cassanova to G-Unit's , Haitians have been adding flavor to 's recipe for generations.

1. Saigon

Born Brian Daniel Carenard, 's father came to the United States from Port Au , Haiti. His debut album The Greatest Story Never Told dropped in 2011.

2. Wyclef

Possibly the most well-known Haitian in rap, Jean (and his cousin Pras) of The Fugees are both Haitian. Clef came to the US at the age of nine from Haiti and at one point later in life, he flirted with running for president of Haiti.

3. Flipp Dinero

The “Leave Me Alone” rapper was born in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn. He's of Haitian descent and has rubbed elbows with and along the way.

4. J-Live

The “Wax Paper” emcee was born with a very Haitian name. Jean-Jacques Cade aka is another New York rapper of Haitian descent.

5. Kodak Black

The South Florida rapper known as Kodak Black is the son of Marcelene Octave, a Haitian immigrant. He was born Dieuson Octave and later changed his name to Bill Kahan Kapri.

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