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Rap Kids in the Biz – Jaden and Willow Smith

Will Smith was the first to do a few things in rap. Win a Grammy. Star in a hit TV show. The list goes on. WIll is also the father of Jaden and Willow Smith. Jaden is notable within his generation and has released several rap projects of his own, including SYRE. Willow has hit records of her own and is pushing boundaries in music and fashion.

Jaden Smith is also an actor and has starred alongside his father several times. most notably in The Pursuit of Happiness. Their mother is Jada Pinkett-Smith so these two have star power on both sides of the family tree. The siblings have collaborated on songs like “PCH” and “Summertime in Paris.”

While being in the spotlight at an early age can be challenging, it’s safe to say Jaden and Willow Smith will be enjoying the shine for some time to come. They are both talented, creative, and have built-in fan bases. Not to mention they are also activists and business-minded, take Jaden’s Just Water and Willow’s deal with Chanel. While their parents’ relationship might get messy, Jaden and Willow Smith have carved out identities for themselves and both seem to be thriving.