Lil Durk Has Reportedly Purchased Almost All Tickets To Quando Rondo’s Next Show In Atlanta Which Has Since Been Canceled

The past week ended with a tragic incident when Chicago’s own King Von passed away. Following Von’s murder, there has been some tension between Qaundo Rondo’s camp and that of Lil Durk. Both sides, especially Qaundo’s, haven’t issued a direct statement of how things are between them.

Rumors have been circulating that Durk has reportedly bought almost all tickets to Qaundo’s upcoming show in Atlanta. The show has since been canceled, but there is word that the cancelation was due to the Savannah rapper’s legal situation at the moment.

We pray that the situation doesn’t escalate to any more bloodshed in the future. Rest in peace King Von. May God also walk with his family, friends and fans in these mournful moments.