Quando Rondo Appears On Friend’s Instagram After Deleting His Page; Claims He’s In Chicago


More news arrive with , now allegedly being in Chicago

It appears like Quando Rondo is declaring war on the late 's crew. The rapper had been quiet for some time after Von's shooting incident, only to open up by releasing a diss track “End of Story” later on. In the song, the young rapper taunts King Von and his homies multiple times. At some point, claiming that he is not hiding.

It was recently reported that Quando had deleted his Instagram after fans pointed out the date of a video he shared to back up his claims that Macon mayor & police canceled his . The date of the video appeared to be from 2018, which disqualifies it to be proof that his show was canceled. A few hours ago, the “Imperfect Flower” was on his friend's Instagram toting firearms, saying he has no shows, and that he is in Chicago.

Chicago rapper and 's associate 600 Breezy has since responded. Commenting on No Jumper's IG post, Breezy wrote, “This bitch lie so much. 366 e 59th st between calumet and king dr we outside.”

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