Denzel Curry Earns A Platinum Plaque While Owning His Masters


Consider it a double win for : earning a platinum plaque and owning his masters

A lot of rappers have come to understand the benefits of owning their own masters. However, it is obvious that owning your masters won't really matter if you're incapable of doing decent numbers. That's not the case with Florida's own Denzel Curry.

The rapper is celebrating after he scored himself a platinum plaque, and to make the achievement even more victorious, Zel retains his masters. The rapper's 2018 track “Clout Cobain | Clout Co13a1n” has sold over 1,000,000 copies. The cut was featured on his project TA1300: Act 2 (Gray).

Denzel took to to share the exciting news with his fans. He also called out record labels while trying to convince other artists that they can do well without signing record contracts. For an artist who is not signed to a major label, going platinum is definitely something worth celebrating in a special way.

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