Kid Cudi is set to have his biggest sales week ever with ‘Man on the Moon III’


is on his way to a big opening week with ‘Man on the Moon III'

Kid Cudi's return to his Man on the Moon installment. III — The Chosen — is very likely to get Cudi to his biggest week ever. It's been reported that Mr. Rager is projected to sell 150-175k units in its opening week, with 15-18k being pure sales.

If the album crosses the 169k threshold, it will achieve the biggest sales week ever for Cudi. In 2009, Man on the Moon II sold 169k in the first week.

“I had to give into the pain a little bit,” Cudi said in an intimate interview with Zane Lowe. “Cause I had been fighting it for so long. I had to give into the pain because I had been fighting it… That's why ‘ was so big because it was like for the first time in forever — the history of my career — really excited about doing some new shit that was positive, wasn't a downer and uplifting.”

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