Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ was inspired by A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘The Low End Theory’ album


Dr. Dre, N..A., and 's influence on one another goes back to the early

Dr. Dre's The Chronic is hands down a classic. The album — released in 1992 — is crisp in production and finds Dr. Dre pulling from directions that many didn't expect. At the time, , , , amongst others, respectively. The album's muse was A Tribe Called Quest's 1991 The Low End Theory.

“It was listening to 's Straight Outta Compton that inspired us to make The Low End Theory,” Q-Tip said in an MTV News interview. “And years later I spoke to Dr. Dre and he told me that hearing The Low End Theory inspired him to make The Chronic.”

From City to Compton, the connection of coast were prominent, but might not be evident, in retrospect. Nonetheless, the two impactful groups ( and A Tribe Called Quest) inspired one another.


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