Pop Smoke’s Brother Says The Rapper Had Been Receiving Death Threats Before Death

It’s only about a month away to Pop Smoke’s death anniversary and his older brother is speaking out about his tragic killing.

In a new episode of actress Taraji P. Henson’s Facebook Watch series, ‘Peace of Mind with Taraji’ that premiered on January 4th, Obasi Jackson revealed that Pop had been receiving death threats prior to his murder. However, they couldn’t trace where the threats were coming from.

“All of that stuff he went through, it was just, there was a time when he went through a situation that was also… People would put him down and count him out,” Jackson explained. “There was a lot of threats on his life because of that. And people were trying to figure out where the threats were coming from. I didn’t think that anybody would do that and it’s just a lot that goes into it.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Obasi also talked about the late rapper lacking security at the time of his killing during a home invasion in Hollywood hills in LA last February. “It’s mind-boggling to me that someone would let a superstar go out with no security,” he added. “That still plays on my mind. That just don’t make no sense. So, I don’t wanna point fingers, that’s not who I am as a person, but the truth is what the truth is and that’s something that bothers me.”

Pop Smoke was killed during a home invasion in February last year. He was only 20. Five people have since been arrested and charged in connection to the murder and are awaiting trial.