What does Exclusive Rights to a Beat mean?


If you're an artist buying a beat online from a producer/beat-maker via beatstars or a platform, it is crucial that you understand what it means to have or own the exclusive rights to a beat.

When buying a beat online, you can either lease or own the exclusive rights. Leasing a beat is like renting a beat. You can record and release the song but don't be surprised when you hear other artists with the same beat. By purchasing an exclusive rights you take full ownership and own the “exclusivity” of the beat.

A lot of producers have beats that are only 100% exclusive and not for lease but if the beat was previously leased by many artists and you bought the exclusive rights, you have the right to prevent and block releases with the beat. The songs recorded and released before you bought the exclusive rights to the beat are valid because they were released before you owned the exclusive rights.

After you purchase an exclusive beat, you should receive the MP3, the WAV and the track stems for any mixing or post production.

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