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MF DOOM was born on July 13th


Daniel Dumile, known in the world as , was born in London on January 13, 1971. The rapper grew up on Long Island, NY, and took on the persona of a supervillain and gained a cult following with his witty lyrics, mysterious persona, and unorthodox delivery. His albums include Operation: Doomsday and Mm..Food, as well as a slew of other projects under different monikers or collaboration albums with the likes of Mad Lib and Danger Mouse.

The rapper was of Trinidadian and Zimbabwean descent. Early in his career, Doom was part of rap group KMD and appeared on the 3rd Bass song “Gas Face” from The Cactus Album. He was a record producer and used his love of comic books to develop his stage persona. Sadly, it was learned via social media that MF Doom passed away on Halloween, .

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