Pop Smoke’s ‘Faith’ Album Cover Revealed

Pop Smoke Continues to Make History on Billboard Charts

Check out the artwork for Pop Smoke’s forthcoming posthumous album

The album hits platforms on July 16

After disclosing Pop Smoke’s next posthumous album title (Faith), Steven Victor, the head of Pop’s label Victor Victor Worldwide, follows up with the official cover art for the forthcoming album. He took to Instagram on Monday (July 12) to share the cover, accompanying it with a short video made of different footage of Pop. 

The artwork shows a close-up image of the late Brooklyn rapper’s face, highlighting a “Faith” tattoo just above his left eye. The album title was presumably inspired by the tattoo.

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The upcoming project will arrive on July 16 with 17 total tracks, including a 30 second “Outro” that is available on Apple music. In the record, the rapper utters some motivational words. “That’s why we try to tell the young niggas like, stay focused, you understand? You know what I’m saying, keep your mind straight on the prize. Don’t let nothin’ get in between, you know what I’m saying? Gotta focus up. Gotta be fully focused,” he says.