What does “Roll deep” or “Rolling deep” mean?

What does “Roll deep” or "Rolling deep" mean?

What does it mean to “Roll deep” be “4Deep” or to be Rolling Deep”

The slang terms and phrases “Roll deep” and “Rolling deep” (also spelled Rollin’ deep) are verbs and adjectives which are used to describe moving place to place or going somewhere with a lot or a group of people. The term to Roll deep originated from 4-deep and 3-deep which means to be in the car with 3 or 4 people. You obviously can’t fit 20 people in a car, so when people say 20 deep it just means they are with 20 people.

Roll deep means to have a lot of friends or crew members with you wherever you go.

4 deep means to be with 4 people in a car. X deep means to be with X people.

Rolling deep means to be having a lot of friends or crew members with you when going around.

“Mans is rolling 50 deep” having 50 people in your clique.

The slang terms “Roll deep” and “Rolling deep” has been used by Snoop Dogg, Skepta, Ice Cube, Yelawolf, Taco, and many more rappers.

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