Run DMC was the first rap group to perform in an Arena


On December 9th, during the 1984 Swatch Watch City Fresh Festival Tour that brought to arenas and coliseums nationwide, Run DMC became the first group to perform in an Arena. The group performed at The Oakland Coliseum Arena The tour was hosted by , who is the first rapper to perform at an Arena.

The 1984, 27 dates, Swatch Watch New York City Fresh Festival Tour billed the Fat Boys, , Newcleus, the Dynamic Breakers, Magnificent Force, Uptown Express, and more.

In 1986, During the tour run for their “Raising Hell” album, Run DMC performed at arenas all over the United States. The sneakers influencers performed at multiple arenas and coliseums on tour. Whodini and LL Cool J, who was 18 at the time were both a part of the Raising Hell Tour. The also performed on a lot of the dates.

Run D.M.C. had over 30 dates on the Raising Hell tour which all helped bring Hip-Hop to a bigger audience. The year after that Run D.M.C. and the Beastie Boys both went on “The Together Forever Tour” together.

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