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Hip-Hop was originally called “Disco Rap”


Hip-Hop music was originally called “Disco Rap”

Before the genre, we all love today was called or , Hip-Hop music was originally called “Disco Rap” Aka Old School or Old School Rap.

Hip-Hop was created in the . August 11th, 1973 was the exact birthdate of Hip-Hop, the night all four elements, DJing, MCing, , and Graffiting would all come together. The genre wasn't called Hip-Hop then, they didn't have a name for it yet then it was known as Disco Rap then eventually Hip-Hop. The founders of Hip-Hop (The Godfather of Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop's first DJ) & (The Father Emcee, Hip-Hop's first MC) would just play disco music with Herc creating the breaks for Coke La Rock to say some rhymes and the B-Boys and B-Girls to breakdance. It wasn't called Hip-Hop back then. People just went to the jams, it was all new.

Rappers would rap over disco beats so the music then was known as “Disco Rap”. The rise of Hip-Hop eventually created a decline in Disco music.

In 1978, the term “Hip-Hop” was then coined by Keith “Cowboy” Wiggings”. The official term “Hip-Hop” was born and it spread quickly throughout and the West and South into what we have today.

The term Disco Rap was most prevalent from 1975 to 1984.

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