Lil Baby and Lil Durk’s Back Outside Tour was a multimillion-dollar success

Lil Baby and Lil Durk winded up their Back Outside Tour on Sunday (October 17) in New Orleans, and they are taking home millions from it

Over the weekend, a video surfaced on social media of Baby receiving a plaque from a record executive to mark the tour’s success. 

The record executive informed Baby that the tour generated $15 million from 150,000 tickets sold. “150,000 tickets sold, $15 million gross across the whole run,” the executive said as he handed Baby the plaque. “This is a little something from us to you to say, ‘Thank you for everything, man. It’s been a beautiful tour.’”

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Baby and Durk started off the tour on September 1 to support their joint album, The Voice of the Heroes. Accompanied by Coi Leray, Rylo Rodriguez, and Bankroll Freddie as guests, the duo visited 23 cities across the US for 47 days. 

Lil Baby shared several photos from the tour as he celebrated its success. “Bacc Outside Tour Was A Success!! Now I’m Off To Get Some Rest !! When I Come Bacc I’m Stepping On Niggas Necks ?✌?,” he wrote in the caption. 

Photos of Lil Durk at an airport flexing huge stacks of cash he made from the tour.