Travis Scott being sued by a fan over ‘La Flame’ cover art


The legal woes for Housten rapper Travis Scott continue. According to TMZ, a fam from France sent him an image in 205 which was subsequently used for a compilation album called La Flame of his early work. Apparently, Mickaël Mehala aka  Childish, who is a fan, sent him the fan art on IG. When he saw the artwork circulating on YouTube and platforms he reached out to no avail. He registered a copyright in and was shut down once he finally got through to Scott's team.

Scott's attorney stated, “This is clearly a frivolous and baseless filing.  Anyone with access to can tell you that Travis never released an album named “La Flame.”  The illustration in question was fan-made, and was uploaded to streaming services by those fans, something that any user has the option of doing.”

Travis Scott has been battling multiple lawsuits related to the tragic events at his Astroworld Fest last year. 10 people died and hundreds were injured and Trav has been accused of not stopping the during the chaos. He is expecting his second child with .

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