NoCap reveals the release date and artwork of ‘Mr. Crawford’ album


The Backend Child, NoCap, says he's “probably more excited about this album than y'all''

has been teasing his , Mr. Crawford, for around a year now but he's finally dropping the project towards the end of the month. On Monday (March 28), the Mobile, Alabama rapper posted on Instagram the album cover along with its release date of April 29.

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‘'I'm probably more excited about this album than y'all,'' Cap, who is signed to 's Never Broke Again label, wrote in the caption. “I keep making changes last minute switching songs cause I make new everyday and I want this bitch perfect I come from ZERO I put my heart & soul into this shit can't nothing stop me but the judge or the grave yard & not these bitch ass industry n*** I'll forever stay true to myself cause dats how slim raised me.''

He added, “n***az I will give my last talk about me behind my back & I still wish them the best on life cause deep down inside they know who I really am MR.CRAWFORD. 4/29.''

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