Travis Scott smoked weed for the first time during his Senior year of High School


Travis Scott, the highest in the room, first smoked weed for the first time during his Senior year of High School. got so high he knocked over a display of potato chips at a gas station. He graduated from Lawrence E high school early at the age of 17.

“First time I smoked, I think was my senior year in high school,” Travis Scott told Rolling Stone. “I ain't like weed in high school. Smoking weed in high school was like dumb. I'm always about school and shit. Smelling like weed in high school was kinda like lame, just stink.”

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sat down with Desus & Mero on their Showtime late-night and during the interview he said “I recently was smoking weed with Travis Scott, just me and him comprise a weird weed-smoking circle,” he said. “We get along really well… He's a hilarious [dude]. That was just, like, a week ago so it's fresh in my head. You always get along pretty well with people [who smoke].”

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