Fulton County D.A heightens security after reportedly receiving death threats for prosecuting YSL RICO case

The threats are not believed to be from the 28 indicted YSL associates

The RICO indictment has had many fans express their disappointment with the justice system. Some fanatics are reportedly even sending death threats to those involved in the prosecution. Fulton County D.A Fanis Willis, who’s prosecuting the case, has increased her security after reportedly receiving death threats.

Willis pointed out that they don’t believe the threats are from the indicted YSL affiliates, but from their admirers. “We don’t believe that these threats were directed by anyone that is in the YSL indictment,” Willis said. “I would say that (threats are coming from) people that are very sympathetic, may be admirers of YSL and people who are connected with them in some sense.”

She went on to explain that she’s boosting up her protection. “Oh, it is definitely a significant driver of the heightened security,” Willis revealed. “People are angry about that investigation. People are angry about investigations into games, so each of those things plays a factor.

Last week, Fulton County Sherrif Patrick Labat also increased his security and his family’s after receiving death threats as well. Towards the end of last month, 18-year old Quantavius Mender was arrested for sending direct death threats to Sherriff Labat and his wife on social media.

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