Tyler, The Creator showers Kendrick Lamar with praises

Tyler, The Creator says he loves new Kendrick Lamar’s album

Tyler, The Creator is a big fan of , he confirmed this in a recent interview on Converse’s All Star Series. During the discussion, the CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST rapper revealed his admiration for K-Dot’s , Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers.

“I think honesty is awesome — with yourself, with [other] people… I think when you’re making something, it doesn’t have to be so obvious, but just being honest with how you’re approaching shit is when the best shit comes,” he explained. “N****s don’t know how to give each other hugs and I hope we get past that. We will, though. The younger kids is like, ‘What’s up, bro? You good?’ We gotta cut the bullshit and just start being super open and honest.”

“And that’s what Kendrick just did with his new album. I love that album, but I feel like he touches on shit that’s so, like, open and honest that some people can’t listen to it because they probably feel like he’s looking at them in their eyes and they’re like, ‘Oh, I can’t panic. Uhhh, I can’t listen to this. Put on something else so I can hit my dougie.’ And keep forgetting and numbing the shit that he’s talking about.”

He continued on Kendrick: “Not saying the people that’s doing that went through what he’s saying, but it’s making them think about the shit that they’re covering up with that fucking, ‘I’m hard, I shoot people’ shit. I see it, I see through it.”

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