Chris Brown says Michael Jackson is ‘’lightyears ahead’’ of him as he refutes assertions that he’s better than the Pop legend


Chris Brown says ‘'There is no competing'' with MJ

has spent the one and half decade he's been in to establish himself as one of the finest singers in history. In recent memory, there has been this debate whether the Indigo singer is better than iconic Pop singer .

This week, Chris sat for an interview at Big Boy's Neighborhood where he disproved the idea that he can even compete with the great MJ. “You getting a lot of people, man – and you've always given it to Michael Jackson – but now you're getting people where they say, man, ‘Chris is better than,'” the host started before inquiring the “Wheels Fall Off” singer's thoughts on the debate.

“That's cap!” Chris answered. “Because I don't consider myself better than Michael Jackson, and you already know when it comes to dancing and things of that nature… If I'm not better than Michael, how can Chris Brown be better than Michael?” he kidded.

“My personal take on it is that I wouldn't be breathing or be able to sing a song if that man didn't exist,” Brown added. “I don't know if they look at it as a [Michael] Jordan and Kobe [Bryant] thing, but I can't even look at it. He's lightyears ahead.” He concluded, “There is no competing with him!”

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