Chris Brown talks ghostwriting in Hip Hop & R&B


Chris Brown says it's understandable for singers to use ghostwriters but not for rappers

After dropping his Breezy last week, sat for an extensive chat on Drink Champs. One of the several topics Chris talked about was ghostwriting in and . The crooner explained that it's cool for singers to use ghostwriters but not for rappers.

“It depends on the artist,” Breezy said. “In the Hip Hop standpoint, if you stand on your , you rapping and you doing your shit, we don't wanna hear about somebody else's robbery. So we not gonna respect it from a Hip Hop culture to be like, ‘Man that's hard that n-gga wrote it for him.' Like what're we listening to you for then? We should be listening to this n-gga.”

He added, “I always said it like this right cause I never discredit writers who write on my album. I got hella co-writers and we do certain shit, but it's just like this. They can write it, who gon' sing it like me? So at the end of the day you might write some beautiful shit that gets overlooked cause it don't sound good.”

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