Joe Budden says New York Drill will be over ‘’in the next five, six years’’


New York Drill has recently been blamed for surge in violence in the city

has risen to become one of the most popular sounds in . But the popularity has come at a cost, as violence in has risen steeply along with the . The sub-genre has consequently received criticism from the authorities including Mayor Eric Adams.

During a recent episode on his podcast, predicted that the sound will be irrelevant in the next half decade. “You drill n-ggas got the shortest of windows,” Budden said. “That shit bout over. Y'all can go keep dancing with Eric Adams if you want. It's over, buddy, in the next five, six years.”

He added, “The writing is on the wall, and that's government-issued writing. That's not Joe. That's government-issued writing. Don't start hitting me, mad at me. I'm just telling you what I'm looking at.”

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