Tony Yayo says 50 Cent helped him avoid a lot of problems


Tony Yayo credits 50 Cent for his survival tips back in the day

appreciates for helping him “survive a lot of shit” during his early G-Unit days. Tony recently made the revelation during an interview with Only Way Out Podcast.

“There used to be 14 guns on the bus like and them n-ggas, we used to be running around like that,” Yayo explained. “You gotta kinda be smart, you have a n-gga like Fif around that help us survive a lot of shit. ‘Cause he'll be like, ‘Yo, if you gotta bring a gun, why the fuck you going? Just go party in my mansion I'm not even there. Just take over my mansion.”

He added: “He'll tell you: ‘You know you got a girl in your room that's a stranger. Don't get these girls pregnant on the road, 'cause I done seen n-ggas do it.'”

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