Lloyd Banks calls 2002 G-Unit mixtape run his favorite year


Lloyd Banks enjoyed their 2002 mixtape run

It's been 20 years since G-Unit had their iconic mixtape run. In a recent interview with Radar Podcast, revealed that 2002 was his favorite year when they dropped the mixtapes: Is The , No Mercy No Fear, and God's Plan.

“That was I can honestly say probably my favorite year,” Banks began. “Even more than my . ‘Cause going into that time, like I said [it started] from sitting in the house literally 8 o'clock at night to six in the morning just talking. Just talking about how it's going to be. What they expect, you know what I mean? Like really preparing for this shit.”

He added: “We would like to say we were like gearing up for the long run, but that'd be a lie. N-ggas was talking about how to be like a tornado. Like not, ‘Hey we from over here,' like a tornado. Everything stopped … That type of energy, that urgency.”

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