Hitmaka differs Nicki Minaj’s claims about her influence on ghostwriters


Hitmaka says no one can copy Nicki's flow

aroused a debate during her Thursday night (September 8) session on her Queen Radio when she said ghostwriters working for women are jacking her pen game.

“It's because everybody that is a ghostwriter right now in that is writing for any female, not just the artist, but the ghostwriter is a Nicki fan, too,” she stated.

“Every ghostwriter that writes for women, before they write that muthafuckin' verse, they think, ‘What would Nicki Minaj say?' And if you disagree with that or dispute that, you're fucking dumb.”

Producer slid on The Neighborhood Talk's comments section of the post about Nicki disputing her remarks. “Disagree. She got her own flow can't be duplicated I can't name a girl who sound like Nick,” his comment read. “And I've worked with every girl.”

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