Desiigner seemingly takes back his words after calling Est Gee “hot garbage”


Est Gee is yet to respond to Desiigner's “you're trash” rants

recently made headlines after he posted a video this week of him going after for charging him $75,000 for a feature. The former G.O.O.D artist discredited Gee's artistry while using the words like “garbage” and “trash.”

“Opps tried to charge me $75,000. EST Gee bro, yo, you're garbage,” Desiigner said in the clip. “You is hot garbage! You can't perform like me, you can't never make a song like anybody in City. You're trash, bro. You're trash. You know what you are? Dead-ass what I'm doing right now: shitting.”

He continued, “Stop playing with me for real, for real. Y'all n-ggas ain't never sold what I sold, that's on my momma. You n-ggas is still trapping your little gold records. Keep all those chains on your neck, boy, 'cause you a slave to .”

Est Gee hasn't issued any response and its not clear if he intends to. However, Desiigner followed up with another video making it known that he meant “no disrespect” towards Gee's team and that he appreciates the prices they choose to charge.

“I'ma leave like—that's that man's ,” the “Panda” rapper said. “Word. No disrespect to they camp over there, they're handling their over there.”

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