Diddy reportedly wanted to replace 2Pac in Juice movie


Diddy wanted to appear on Juice

was allegedly eying 's Bishop spot on Juice. While chopping it up with earlier this year, Video Box creator Raph McDaniels revealed that Diddy wanted to take 2Pac's role in the 1992 film. This was after he was dropped from another movie he was working on with Andre Harrell.

“When we shot Juice… Andre Harrell was shooting [a movie that] Puff was working on,” McDaniels recounted. “Puff got fired from that movie, and he said, ‘Ralph, you working on Juice, I want to be Bishop. I saw the script. Bishop, that's me!'”

He continued, “And I was like, ‘But we got somebody to be Bishop already, the only one that's cast is .' [Diddy] was like, ‘Nah, I'm from Harlem, Ralph, just think about it. Think about it. The script, that's me.' And I was like ‘That's [going to be] hard. That's [going to be] difficult.”

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