Kid Cudi Previews new song with Playboi Carti at Paris show


Kid Cudi and Playboi Carti seem to have a new collaboration song on the way, as Cudi teased the new song during a recent stop in Paris during his ‘To The Moon' world tour.

The concert footage circulating online shows Cudi playing the unreleased track in front of a packed venue in Paris, France. The crowd erupted after hearing the new song samples the familiar classic Cudi track ‘Solo Dolo (Nightmare)‘ from Cudi's 2009 Man on the Moon album.

This would be Playboi Carti and 's second official collab after collaborating on on Carti's song ‘M3tamorphosis‘. Although they both have ties with and have worked together before, they even have a heavily sought after unreleased song from fans titled ‘Kid Cudi' or ‘Pissy Pamper'. (I prefer the first naming) with an added unreleased Cudi verse leaking shortly before WLR dropped.

Let's hope Solo Dolo part 4 gets an official release.

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