Snoop Dogg discusses 2Pac’s strict work ethic in the studio


Snoop recalls Pac's passion for his work

spent a good deal of time with during the Deathrow days, it goes without saying he knows much about the late icon. During his recent appearance on The 85 South Comedy, Snoop remembered how hardworking Pac was in the studio.

“We in the studio the first couple of nights [after] he get out. I got a room, he got a room. We make a song, we in that muthafucka listening to it for like four hours. Got bitches up in there. N-ggas like, ‘This shit banging!'” Snoop recalled a time Pac was recording All Eyez On Me after he was released from jail in 1995.

He went on to explain that Shakur had a strange habit of recording songs back to back without even listening to any of them. “We got in this n-gga room, he on his fifth song. This n-gga make a song, as soon as it got off, ‘Pull the next beat up! We ain't finna be listening to that shit, that's the engineer's job to mix that shit. Next song.'”

[He was] not one of them n-ggas that's in the studio like, ‘Man, get all these n-ggas outta here!' He entertained that shit,” Snoop added, explaining that Pac enjoyed everybody's presence in the studio. “I wasn't a star 'til I was next to him; he showed me how to be a star. This n-gga was a star. Snoop Dogg was famous, but I didn't know how to be a star.”

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