2Pac’s estate and FX share ‘Dear Mama’ docuseries trailer


2Pac's team and FX to collab on a new docuseries highlighting rapper's life and poetry

's estate and TV network are working on a new docuseries, Dear Mama, which drops on this spring. On Christmas day, Pac's team and FX released the official trailer for the upcoming doc. The 42-second clip captures a young 2Pac explaining the biggest similarity between him and his mother Afeni.

“I'm most like my mom because I'm arrogant, totally arrogant,” Pac says. He then talks about Afeni's involvement with Panther. “My mother was a Black Panther and she was really involved in the movement,” he adds. Towards the end of the trailer, Afeni explains her role in Pac's life, declaring, “It was my responsibility to teach how to survive his reality.”

The forthcoming five-part docuseries is directed by Allen Hughes who's known for his work on Menace II Society among other iconic films.

“They gave us the ability to move away the noise and bring out the poetry. When I say noise, back to ‘Outlaw' versus ‘Dear Mama,' how do you bring the poetry out in all this? How do you understand that?” Hughes said in a September interview with Deadline. “The estate granting access to the vaults — all the writings, jewelry, all the clothes — those are all his stuff. He kept logs and diaries on his ambitions, and Afeni would also note things as well. So you could excavate and know, whether it was '91 or ‘92, what was he feeling? What was she feeling?”

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