Chief Keef on being the “godfather” of drill music: “I am, it’s real”


Chief Keef believes he's the OG of drill music

shares the belief with many that he's the drill is now listened to on a worldwide scale. The Chicago rapper and celebrated the 10th anniversary of his , , last week with a in , his top city on the platform.

In an interview during the Spotify event, Keef was asked “how does it feel to have such a massive impact” at only 27, to which he replied, “I love it. It's hard though cause it ain't really what I did it for though. I just did cause I love this shit. It just ended up being like that. I f*ck with it though. That's hard though. You know, it's a lotta people that really grew up on me and just f*ck with me.”

The interviewer then asked Sosa how he feels about many people calling him “the godfather of drill music,” and he quickly responded, “I am. It's real.” After he was asked to repeat his declaration, the “Love Sosa” hit-maker added, “I am, it's real. I'm a Godfather, You know that. I'm the founder. I started this shit. We all know that. The whole world know that. Everybody. Paris, London, Japan, China USA.”

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