Justine Skye shows why she is a rising superstar in the R&B game with her new ‘Bare With Me’ EP


Justine Skye has been one of the most intriguing acts to become virally popular in the last couple of years. Her overall sound and style is very modern and Neo-R&B(not sounding too different from artists like or ), but her voice is so retro. Her voice reminds me of a lot of the of this genre that you would hear in the early ; this vocal style is delightfully out of place in this day and age.

While her voice is reminiscent of R&B music from a different time, the instrumentals that she uses are so modern, sometimes even futuristic. She combines the popular sounds of today such as , reggaeton, and electro-pop all into one, creating an especially unique sound because her voice is so cool and different. It is pretty tough to do so, but if I had to pick favorite songs from this EP, it would probably be ‘Maybe' and ‘Bulletproof.' They both really exemplify that modern yet nostalgic feel Justine excels at. Check these tracks out and the rest of the EP below!

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