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Shy Glizzy announces new album title and explains its inspiration


Glizzy has a new album on the way

is preparing to treat his fans with a . Speaking to on The Off The Record podcast, the D.C rapper was asked about the title of the forthcoming project, to which he replied, “.”

The 30-year-old went on to explain that his desire for the respect he deserves is the drive behind the album title. “I've been in this s**t for a minute now, man,” he explained. “I feel like the growth is there, this s**t's finally gotten to a point where the knives are sharpening, and all the respect is due. That's why I named this s**t Flowers, I feel like I need mines, I feel like I give a lot of people theirs.

That just goes back to the conversation about the post that I put up and all of that… S**t, I give n***as they flowers. Any n***a that's before me, any n***a that, you know, do this s**t, I don't got no problem. You don't gotta come from the streets, none of that s**t. I'll just salute you, if you think I'm a cool n***a anyway, if you think that I make good .”

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