Jermaine Dupri says he put on hi-top fade hairstyle to celebrate hip-hop’s 50th anniversary


Dupri explains his recent haircut

recently had tongues wagging on social media after debuting a hi-top fade hairstyle, but he now expounds the reasons for the cut.

During a space conversation shared by HipHopDx, the So So Def icon revealed that the haircut was a celebration of 's 50th anniversary. “I did a hi-top fade paying respect to 50,” Jermaine clarified. “Because like, I see everybody talking about, ‘We celebrating Hip Hop 50.' And all I know is that Hip Hop made me cut three slits in my eyebrows. Hip Hop made me have a box. Hip Hop made me put blonde dye at the top of my head. Hip Hop made me wear gloves in the summer time. Hip Hop made me do all kinds of shit. For real! I'm telling you.”

He added, “Hip Hop made me get tattoos. Hip Hop made me get my tattoos on my neck. Hip Hop made me do so much, so I'm like, what is people doing to what Hip Hop has done for them? Everybody just talking about celebrating. We all keep talking about it but how are you celebrating it? I celebrated it by wearing that hi top fade and just, you know, it's Hip Hop.”

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