J.I.D says fans don’t value hip-hop lyricists anymore


J.I.D thinks lyricism is no longer important in this era

has proved to be an outstanding lyricist among his peers, and his latest album The Forever Story further underscores that. Recently speaking on Throwing Fits podcast, the rapper offered his thoughts on the state of the industry, saying people no longer take lyricists seriously.

“I got a weird theory about how is right now,” he started. “In the blog era with those superstars like . They came up in the blog era, and they came up in a time [when] you ain't see anybody rapping like that. They weren't like, it wasn't too much—it was a first-time thing. Now, it's so much of fast food and microwave. Everything is really quick. So, it's not really like, .

“People don't really care about it as much,” J.I.D added. “Even as it's grown in popularity. It's moving super fast and I don't think people really care about—I think it's more about being viral or being the first to get…I don't know. I got a weird theory about it, though.”

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