Ex-cop says Nipsey Hussle may have been killed by LAPD


Former police says it's possible LAPD was involved in Nip's murder

's tragic murder was solved in February after Jr. was sentenced to 60 years in prison. Earlier this month, former LAPD officer Bernard Robins made shocking allegations on an episode on Comedy Hype podcast that there is a chance the LAPD was responsible for Nipsey's killing. Robins added that Nip may have been targeted for being on the forefront of helping his community.

“I think that there could have been,” Robin answered after a host asked him if the LAPD could've been involved. “I've never witnessed any law enforcement officers say that there was something going on or even eluded to it. But there's that possibility. We know a lot of the positive things that he was doing in the community. So, there's definitely that possibility that they were that determined to stop what he had going, that they probably could have sent [Eric Holder Jr.] to go and do that.

“I think also that they said [Eric] was an informant for law enforcement,” he continued. “That was a part of the issue that he had with Nipsey Hussle allegedly so we don't know. We don't know what was going on behind those closed doors.”

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